Jumma Prayer Time, Rakats and Quotes

Friday has been translated as Jumma in the English language. It is a special day on the week for the Muslims which have been considered a most blessed day of the week. Muslims also perform a special pray on the day of Jumma. The Jumma prayer time is the same as the time of the second salah of the dau Dhuhur.

In most of the Muslim countries, it is a holiday on the day of Jumma. Even the countries where Friday is working day, the offices and stored get closed on the jumma prayer time so Muslims can perform the Friday prayers on the time.

Jumma prayer rakats:

There are total 2 jumma prayer rakat which has been performed by the Muslims behind the Imam. It is also compulsory for the Muslims to listen to the Khutba which has been given just before the Jumma prayer in every mosque where jumma prayer has been performed.

That’s not it. There are some Sunnah prayers too which are associated with the Friday prayer and it is different in each school of Muslims. Before Jumma prayer, one can perform 2 or 4 rakat as-Sunnah and 2 rakat after Jumma prayer.

Jumma prayer time:

The time for the Friday prayer is the same as the time of Zuhur prayer when the sun passes the meridian. It is not allowed to Muslims to perform the prayer of Jumma before this time.

The jumma prayer time is the same for all Muslims does not matter that at what part of the world they are living. They have to perform prayer at this time according to their country.

Jumma Prayer Time, Rakats and Quotes

The jumma prayer quotes are those images or messages which have been sent by Muslims to each other to greet the blessings of this special day of the week. The jumma prayer quotes usually have verses of the Quran, saying of Prophet Muhammad or just dua.

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