Clash Of Heroes – Gameplay & Features

If you are familiar with Clash of Heroes, you’d know that it’s a popular puzzle strategy game.

It was developed originally by Capybara Games for Nintendo DS. Several releases and updates were made to the game and the last of them was in 2012 when the game was made available on Facebook as well.

The most interesting part of Clash of Heroes is the gameplay itself and it actually sets it apart from other similar games out there. Let’s look into it a bit deeper.

Clash Of Heroes – Gameplay & Features

The gameplay is similar to the predecessor of Clash of Heroes i.e Critter Crunch, as it borrows some elements from Heroes of Might & Magic series.

The game actually features turn-based battles that are built around one-to-one strategic combat.

Every turn gives players a defined set of moves for transporting their troops around a grid while trying to vertically/horizontally stack units that have same colors.

Once an appropriate number of same-colored units are vertically stacked, they enter charge phase having different turns and in each turn they get some Attack Power.

On completion of this phase, an attack is executed in which the battlefield is traversed vertically; and as the attack goes on the Attack Power is reduced by enemy units that come in the way.

In case, if there is some Attack Power left with attacking unit after destroying all the defending troops, they go on to strike enemy hero and subtract their HP.

Main goal behind such battles is to make sure that HP of the enemy hero is reduced to zero.

Clash Of Heroes Download

If you like the game and are interested in downloading it to your device, you can download Clash of Heroes here. Just go ahead and enjoy the overall experience.

You can also download the Clash of Lights versions here.

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